Collage of High School Senior Portraits
Senior Picture package!
For 2022 seniors (and parents!) - its that time of year...senior picture time! To help with the process, I always have a planning meeting to work out all the details. This gives everyone a chance to meet and greet, work through all the ideas floating in our collective noggins, and figure out the where and the when. So yes, it is a bit early to do the actual photography, but it's never too early to schedule and discuss. 
The Package (and details):
* Planning Meeting -  to decide where, when, what to wear, lighting, etc.
* The Shoot - 3 hours of shooting at up to 2 locations.
* Image Selection Meeting - to select the pictures to be fully edited and printed. Also print sizes and paper choices are to be made at this meeting. The senior portrait package includes (2) 8x10 prints, (4) 5x7 prints, (4) 4x6 prints, (8) wallet prints as well as (2) images optimized for social media use.

(schedule planning meeting before August 19 and get 10% off!)
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